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Clippings, Cuttings and Leaf Pick up


Tusculum will  pick up small/fine hedge clippings, flower cuttings and leaves which are placed in plastic bags; weight should not exceed 35 lbs. Limbs must be tied up in bundles no longer than 6 ft and weighing no more than 35 lbs. Clippings, cuttings and bagged leaves will not be picked up during November and December during roadside leaf pickup which ends on Dec 27. Please call Tusculum City Hall at (423) 638-6211 to let us know if you have items above for pickup.


Residents are encouraged to use their lawn mowers to chop up leaves or pile  leaves for future use as a mulch product.  Leaf pickup for the City of Tusculum occurs during the months of November and December. If you would like your leaves removed, you should rake your leaves to the edge of the street for pickup with a leaf vacuum. The leaves must be free of limbs, sticks, rocks, walnuts, etc.  If not, the leaves will not be removed.  Do not bag leaves during this time.